When paradise is combined with luxury...

Where nature and harmony become one...

Where comfort meets relaxation...

Athos Villas! Best luxury villas in Athos !!!






Dear Guest,
We would like to welcome you to Athos Villas and wish you a pleasant and relaxing stay!
Athos Villas operate with a main and specific objective: To offer you the chance to live a magical experience of a holiday without being deprived of the comfort of your own home.

Athos Villas is made up by 11 modern, super-luxury holiday houses for the whole family, which are suitably equipped for all-season stays. In addition, Athos Villas is located at Komitsa coast, one of the beaches of Athos peninsula which is considered by many one of the most beautiful areas of Greece. It is a unique destination for peaceful holidays and relaxation as a guest of Athos Villas gets impressed by the environmental beauty of Halkidiki region and the architectural beauty of our facilities. Mount Athos is declared as a protected area of natural beauty by Unesco. Dense forests of beech and dryad, olive groves, intense biodiversity and crystal blue sea compose a multidimensional but at the same time harmonic natural canvas.

The villas are built in front of the enchanting sandy beach of Komitsa in gardens with olive and elm trees. The sea breeze, the fresh air, the nice smells, the sounds and the pictures that nature generously offers, constitute a paradise for relaxation, natural calm and internal peacefulness.Our premises have won the first place in a European contest as the best construction project of Greece in 2010. All these make our resort an appealing option and an ideal destination for magical and carefree moments.

Do you seek environmental beauty, comfort and tranquility? Then your choice to stay at Athos Villas is more than successful!Let us wish you a memorable time with your beloved friends and family.



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