Unparalleled natural beauty, majestic landscape and unique splendor... there are many adjectives and expressions for someone to describe the peninsula of Mount Athos. However, looking at the landscape, all words fail in the magnificence of nature.

If you seek to discover Mount Athos, explore its hidden pristine beaches, visit its historic monasteries or just embark on a sensual journey of self-awareness and inner peace, book the daily cruise of your preference and sail the dream!

Whether you ‘ll choose a Catamaran Lagoon or a Benetau Antares sailing excursion, the serene surroundings of Athos paradise will captivate your heart in enthralling adventure.



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For all of you who mind nature, experiences and your physical condition, from now on Athos Villas is even officially certified as «Bike Friendly Hotel» by NATTOUR

Biking services you can find at our facilities:

  • Local area map with suggested biking routes
  • Internal safe parking space
  • 24/7 available tool set (free of charge)
  • Clothing washing machine/drying machine with delivery on the same day (free of charge)
  • Rent-a-bike service in our facilities (additional charge)
  • Rack parking lots (free of charge)
  • Biker's lunchbox with fruits, sandwiches & energy drinks (additional charge)
  • Super healthy breakfast with organic/biological products (additional charge)
  • Jacuzzi (free of charge) and massage services (additional charge)
 i drasi ksekina

Let the action begin

Sports, games and activities with many little brushstrokes of carefreeness and fun. At the water sports center of the area you can enjoy a wide variety of water activities (water skiing, windsurfing, sailing, wakeboarding, barefooting, stand up paddling). You will also find parasailing, banana and water tubes for adrenaline games as well as water bikes, canoes, motorized inflatable boats and jet-skis for sea touring and navigation.If you seek tranquility, you can enjoy a hike in the countryside, explore the surrounding area by bike * or just make fun splashing though the crystal clear waters.(* The bikes are free. However, we would ask you to inform us prior to their use so we can arrange the availability)


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